A few years ago I decided to face myself and say goodbye to parts of me that wouldn’t let me be myself. I had recently discovered that my mother was sick and the idea of facing her death made me think about my own life and how much I knew me. How could I consider I was alive if I was being untrue with myself?

While I stripped the old person I was I felt a huge emptiness inside. At first I got scared but then I got used to the idea that my journey had just started and I had no reasons to hurry.

This series is about this feeling of transformation, the acceptance of death, the death that means a new start. It’s about the beauty of letting die old patterns and identities and facing the emptiness and unexplored future. I don’t know what person is under these textures but I am willing to meet her when she is ready to appear.

Retirado de: www.efti.org


~ por Maíra em julho 5, 2011.

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